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You may be asking yourself, what is a business energy consultant, and why would I need one?

Let’s quote Albert Einstein who said “Everything is Energy in Vibration” that’s everything, which means YOU, and your Business have an energetic vibration too!

And when that’s OFF:

– you’re actually repelling clients
– you have technological problems with equipment
– your sales numbers go down
– you’re not reaching the people who can really benefit from your services
– and all of that is directly reflected in your bottom line!

It’s not woo-woo, quantified by feelings. It’s about dollars and sense. It’s a tool to make sure that you have a competitive edge. That’s how I assist my clients and why I created this specific protocol.

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You may be skeptical whether adjusting the energy in your business can work, here’s what others have said …
You’ll limp along without it.

“Unfortunately I had gained somewhat of a reputation for always having technology failures and sabotage. If it wasn’t my emails going missing, sites being hacked into, emails not going out at the scheduled time, webinars crashing, passwords not working, internet connection super slow or not connecting, or something going wrong with the shopping cart, there has been a weekly stress in my business of dealing with technical gremlins. I’ve even had my sales websites hijacked the exact minute I launched a campaign. This has all added up to about a million dollars in losses of potential sales over the last few years.

I hired Marlene to protect my next launch by clearing my technology and online assets, and keeping them clear.

The launch was flawless, I tripled my sales, and launched with so much less stress, so I didn’t have to work extra long hours fixing stuff or invest money in hiring people to sort things out. Marlene’s work is an online business saver!

You’ll limp along without it.”

Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor Author, Speaker, Visionary Leader

people are now calling me again from my website!

“I don’t know what she did, but people are now calling me again from my website! It’s been about a week since I spoke to Marlene and told her that my website wasn’t working. She said she’d ‘take a look’ at it. I know she didn’t log in to it because I haven’t given her the password, but whatever ‘energetic work’ she did is producing results! Incredible, but then again, I’m not surprised as whatever she touches turns to pure gold.

Immediately after clearing I booked more clients than I have had in the last 10 months.” Even though my website still requires a make over my phones been ringing off the hook and the only explanation is that Marlene did something magical to get my phone ringing more.”

Val Dawson, of

My computer is back to normal

“My friend passed, and shortly after that my “New” computer equipment started malfunctioning. After Business Energy Consulting did their “magic” I feel my friend has gone and my computer is back to normal.”

Joan W., Mesa, AZ

Marlene’s tech clearing skills are just amazing.

“After our first session, my devices were running much more smoothly and my own energy had lifted. Thanks Marlene for your help!”

– Much warmth, Kelly​ Paris​